"There is Beauty and Clarity that comes from Simplicity that we sometimes do not Appreciate in our thirst for intricate solutions." ~President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wife Goals

Biggest goal since the start of my marriage:
To be a good cook.
I'm so grateful and excited I have come a long way
since my first meal
(of course I documented) ;)
chicken alfredo
so bland.
A blessing in disguise, looking back it's a Real Blessing.
We were told when we registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond,
that if we returned anything we could get money back.
Nope! Not true. At least not with this one we went to.
 But we could get a store gift card.
We ended up getting
this cute red KitchenAid.

See? Real blessing.
the best contraption to make cookies in.
That's about the only thing I made in this.
Until today! :)
I have now used this cute thing for:
pizza dough
banana bread
mashing potatoes
cinnamon rolls.
and of course more cookies ;)

chocolate chip cookies
chicken cordon bleu

Jake is a brave person.
To be eating everything I've ever made him.
...Among other things...

My phone is full of recipes.
I have many to thank for sharing their recipes.
Including Pinterest. :)

homemade cheesy garlic bread
and spaghetti

LOVE this recipe.
best recipe for chicken alfredo.
not bland. :)

cream cheese banana bread

One of the perks of being a wife
and learning to cook:
a good apron. :) 

rice krispie baskets
draper tradition


Jamaican banana bread

sascha taught me how to make
chicken pot pie

I made one of my own!
meatballs stuffed with cheese

pad tai.
the best.

veggie and black bean tacos

cinnabon cinnamon rolls.
I just have to say, it amazes me how the Lord is involved in everything. Really. If you have a goal to improve on something, He will see you through it. I was talking to my sister earlier this week about how excited I was that I've come further along in my learning how to cook. And she rightly said, how the atonement isn't just meant for repenting and trials. If you think about it, it can be utilized in helping you accomplish goals also. The atonement is there for everything. Through this process, my confidence in this area has strengthened. It brings me joy. I love being a wife. I'm not just playing house anymore. I'm living it. Not perfect by any means. I still need to learn how to clean and do laundry more consistently :p... But it's still fun. :) Ha.

Well, as Julia Childs would say:
                                                        BON, APETITE!

Miss Mabel

My Valentine

You know, it's great looking back to
these engagement pictures. It's wonderful
to see where we have ended up since.




Thanks for making life a good one Jake
I love you.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Miss Mabel

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Marriaged for 2 years

Port Orchard. Taken before Basic.
San Antonio. Graduation from Basic.
Time passes by. And love just grows deeper.

Sometimes you get mad. Jake and I call those days stones. "Some days are diamonds! Some days are stone." ~John Denver.

Salt Lake.
Oh but the days of diamonds are just indescribably good.
Salt Lake. Peanut butter hair.
Ha, and you see each other do some silly things ^ Remember Jake when I got sticky stuff in my hair from the fly trap we had in our first apartment? Haha good times. These for me are the secret things you don't hear much about being married, but when they happen and you can laugh about it, you create memories and you somehow get closer. Does that make sense?
Salt Lake.
Just silly. :)

Adding someone to your club is oh so sweet. :) Your love expands.

Something I think is neat about being married to you (among the many things), is how you're
there for me. Like yesterday, I had yw. Didn't get home til about 9 or so.
And you had made dinner. A good dinner too, not just mac n' cheese (which btw I would
have been perfectly fine with) but a meal. I mean if that's not the perfect
man, I don't know what is! When I can't get to something,
you pick up the slack.
(Ha, I could have just made this a status, but his act of love and service deserved a sappy blog post. So there ya go ;))

Salt Lake Temple.
So, this is what having an eternal companion feels like.

I love it. And I love the man I chose.


Miss Mabel and her man :)

Thinking thoughts


My thoughts go all over the place. It's kinda cool sometimes, it's random and out of the blue also. Although... I'm beginning to not believe in random anymore.  Well in certain cases that is. What I mean is, I've been having more impressions than random thoughts.

For a LONG while I feel I have been a little lost. Lost in my mind.... in doubting, saying I'm no good, because I am messing up here, there, and all that. You know, I mean I talked about it a little on my last post. It's not uncommon to feel this way, but it certainly is not healthy or fun.

I come from a past like everyone else, with habits that have followed me to now. Ones that I could say are a bit embarrassing like: Waking up at the last possible moment for work, church, or any obligation I have. Oooooh! I know that is not good! For so many reasons (I know!)
I won't list everything else, it does no good for me to wallow my troubles with an endless list of problems right? right. ha.

That's another thing. Wallowing, dwelling, shaming yourself is not good. No Bueno. Sadly, it doesn't easily go away... However! It can! It really can! It is Possible.
I'm having a breakthrough a little bit. :) It's not a major one and I haven't found all the solutions to my problems or the world's, But, I'm trying to.. Listen. Watch. Pay Attention to something very key to helping me and my predicament. The Spirit. My Heavenly Father, reaching out to me.
So anyway. I am making more of an effort again. Read my scriptures, but also take time to study them as well. Pray, not just at night, but in the morning too. Well, and anytime you need to talk to Him. I said a little one at work today, just to calm an anxious mind. (nothing serious, mom ;) haha)

Also, to tie back in the getting impressions more than random thoughts... I want to be able to know when the Spirit is speaking to me. What kind of promptings am I getting? And am I paying enough attention to see them, and will I act on them? And not just promptings. Noticing tender mercies from the Lord, "confessing his hand in all things." You know?

Ha, what I keep forgetting, or have to remind myself is that "hey, I can actually pray about this! That's allowed!" You don't need to hesitate coming to the Lord about something. Especially when you feel you are not doing so well and you need guidance, comfort, hope.

Sooooo, I've experimented, as it says to do in the scriptures (Alma 32 to be precise :)) And you know what? It's not altogether immediate, but then again it is! I'm noticing personal revelation. I gotta tell ya, it's pretty awesome. Or just, tender. that may be the best word to describe it.

My thinking thoughts today, lead me to want to blog for some reason. I kinda wanted originally to just type them all out(my impressions), be all philosophical about it, but I guess all I needed to write is that I know my Heavenly Father knows me. He Loves me. And a sweet sister of mine told me recently, He loves me right now. Not just me of course, He feels that way about you too.

Oh! Btw! I am getting myself up now. I am working on that bad habit. It's not the easiest changing a deep habit, but! I am doing just that. :) Anyway. Thanks for reading my long post.
Have a wonderful day!
Miss Mabel

Friday, July 31, 2015

Who Am I

You know... Comparison is a terrible thing to occupy your mind.

It makes you feel like you're in a race.

I am guilty of making a race out of life. And I must say it makes me tired... because the race keeps me up. Fussing over what I haven't done, what I don't do, what I should do. I feel I'm coming in last.

I am reminded by a quote that I first saw on my cousin-in-law's wall:
I love it. And what a wonderful insight to who God really is. And what His influence feels like. This quote shows where you really should compare. How Satan makes you feel vs. how God makes you feel.

It's still a challenge though. To not compare yourselves to others and their accomplishments.

As I think of all the flaws I have, my inadequacy at everything every other person seems to do so effortlessly... I am reminded by this:
My biggest accomplishment: Married for eternity
to this man.
My life is so wonderful with him. He makes me feel just as special. He treats me like a queen.
Honestly, I have it good.
But I still have moments like this:

I was asked today from someone, why I wasn't in school, when am I going to go... I told them probably after kids. (I don't know I could make it to school before, but I still don't have a clue of what I want to do, and other reasons I won't go into..) This person gave me a look and in her cute southern accent asked me "Are ya sure you wanna do that?" With a face that said, "It's not going to work, you're crazy for doing it that way...."

I came home from work, feeling slow again, coming in last place in the race again.

Satan knew that look, so he thought he'd push me, make me feel rushed, and not good enough.

Last Sunday, our Young Women had a recognition night for one of our girls who had completed her Personal Progress. We sang a song entitled "Walk Tall You're a Daughter."
It is a beautiful song, and the kind of lyrics that empower you. We all sang it together, young women and leaders.

Heavenly Father is wonderful. He is amazing. He gives you just what you need to fend off Satan's taunts.
That song penetrated my thoughts. That line repeated in my head several times. Walk tall, you're a Daughter.

My growth is my growth. My journey is my journey. I'm slowly, but surely learning to heed the truer voice in my head. These past few years, from when I graduated high school to now, have been valuable years. My testimony and love for my Savior has grown so much. I amazed, even though I still mess up, which is practically every day! He comes to me and gives me a warm hug. My prayers are important to me. My scriptures are too. They are my communication with my Heavenly Father. In both I am taught and comforted.
I am grateful every day, that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That in itself is an accomplishment.
The world may say going to school and having a career is more important than starting a family, but God knows better. He blesses those who want to go to school first too. I know many of my good friends have graduated and are doing great things and I know Heavenly Father is proud of them. I am too.
For me, I'm going to keep being happy with this punker face...
and stay close to the Lord.
Who am I?
I am a Daughter of God.

Miss Mabel

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

See My Happy Face?

My how wonderful life is! I just had a great journal session. It made me want to blog. So I'd like to take a minute to update/express my thoughts.
 I'm still living in the south, but a little more north and little more east. :) hehe. Good ol' South Carolina. We are in a small town, where you'd think there's nothing going on. Ha, well that is still true. We have found some fun things to do though. Actually, from what I've heard from the folks here, there are a lot of things to do. You just have to go looking for it. :)
Oh but I think it is lovely here. I love the trees, and the sky looks amazing on this side of the world! I'm actually loving it.
I believe that has a lot to do with the people. I have met and made good friends with some fantastic ones.
We have a great ward. I feel so welcome and glad to be apart of such an awesome ward family. I also have been given a fun calling: Young Women advisor for the Mia-maids. I'll be honest, it is sometimes a challenge for me because I'm shy/socially awkward, but I love the girls and the leaders I'm working with. This last week we had the chance to go to baptisms for the dead. It was so neat, and I felt the Spirit so strongly. I love going to the temple!
Jake has been doing great as well. He works hard. And shows his love for me in the most amazing ways, I'm a very blessed lady. :) He also has a calling as the first counselor in the Elders Quorum. Which keeps him busy. I don't mind though because he is serving the Lord. That's how it should be. One thing Jake and I are trying to be better at is to be good missionaries. We like to have the missionaries over. We have been having discussions with this couple at our house. It's so great to be involved with something so important to us. Real neat. :)
Hmmmmm what else?
I'm working at Belk. Pretty cool place. Awesome people to work with. I like it. :) haha.
We like. No. LOVE. Being married. It's been quite the adventure. :) :) And Yeeeaaaah!
Hope you are happy too. :) Read the scriptures. Say your prayers. Stay close to the Lord.
One thing I see every day, are the answer to prayers. Little and big things. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. and I love life!
Miss Mabel H.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Biloxi, Mississippi 2014

Mabel is always happy when there's trees. 
We got "jerseys 'cause we make a good team" 
We loved the time we spent at the beach. Thankfully 
we have not died from the flesh eating bacteria that apparently 
is in the water... when we found that out, we kept our distance from the 
water, but not the beach. 

Having two jobs is definitely a challenge. Avoiding eating sandwiches and cookies, as well as owning every piece of clothing was not easy... 
Who knew we would be spending our 1 year anniversary in the south? 
What an amazing year it has been, and it just keeps getting better. :) 
This was a neat moment. I gave my boss a copy of The Book of Mormon. 
He has told me he is reading it. Small steps. Planting a seed. Missionary work is so gratifying. 

Remember that time we found a stray dog and named him Oscar? 
We owned a dog for a good ten minutes before he found his way out of our backyard :( 
 And there was that other time you grew out your mustache?
That was dead sexy. :)
I turned 24. Traditional doughnut cake.
Jake threw what was left away.
>:(... haha
Probably for the best. 
And then! We discovered a place
where now all doughnuts are
just not the same.
Potato flour. That's where it's at. p:

Your mouth is watering right now isn't it? 

One of the things I love most, is seeing my man 
in his uniform. It makes me so honored and proud to 
be his wife. 
We had the wonderful opportunity to attend
a ball for the Air Force's birthday.
What an experience. 
Most favorite moments:
Hearing a POW veteran from the Vietnam War speak.
And dancing with my love outside on the balcony. It was just us 
two. So romantic. He is the best. :)
And last but not least, our home for the past 8 months.
(photo credit: my awesome mom who came to visit us)
I have loved the great time we've had here together. 
Jacob has done such a fantastic job in school for weather.
He is now graduating Thursday. We are moving Friday to our
next adventure. South Carolina! 
Thank you Biloxi for giving us this experience. Your southern food
is not like anything I've ever had, oh and your people aren't too bad either. We also 
enjoyed your crazy weather. What's even better is I have my own personal weather 
man to tell me what's going on. I love it. 
I have a pretty awesome life. 
Here's to binge blogging. 8 months worth of pictures. 
(there are more but I'll spare you. You have probably seen most of this
on my Instagram, seeing as that is where I have documented most my life. I 
still love to blog. I will try to be better. We'll see.) :P 
Miss Mabel