"There is Beauty and Clarity that comes from Simplicity that we sometimes do not Appreciate in our thirst for intricate solutions." ~President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm an Airman's Wife

Is there such a word to describe how I feel about this trip? 
I have been separated from my dear husband for two and a half months, not hearing his 
voice everyday, only communicating through letters... it has been tough. 

Everything in this trip fell into place. If that makes sense. I enjoyed every moment of this experience.
Thursday: Airman's Run, Coin Ceremony, Tap Out, Tour the Base. 
 On the Airman's Run I was in a pretty ideal spot for seeing Jake. 
I got lucky, my first glimpse of him was just that, a glimpse. He saw me and sneakily smiled and waved at me. My heart just skipped!
Coin Ceremony was neat, but dragged on. I was ready to see my Airman! Haha
Tap Out is where the Airmen stand at ease and the loved ones go and "tap" their man....give them a hug and a kiss(wives & girlfriends of course)
My heart was racing as I walked over to where Jake was standing. 
What a great moment that was! 
It's an indescribable thing to be reunited with your loved one. 
I loved it. :)

Friday: Graduation Parade, Tour of Dorms, Town Pass.
The actual graduation was way cool to witness. I tried to post some the videos I had on here, but it won't work, I'll just post them on Facebook.
Really cool.
I then got to see where he lived for 8.5 weeks. Astonishing how neat it all was. Haha 
Jake was on the laundry crew, I finally got to see where he spent a lot of his time. :) I 
believe Jake will be doing the laundry and folding from now on ;) Ha. Just kidding babe(sorta) 
Then Town Pass! Wahoo! That was fun.
Saturday: Town Pass=Riverwalk.
Again, way fun.
Sunday: Our Last Day. 
We spent this day very well. 
Most important: we took the Sacrament. 
 We went to take pictures of the planes and of each other of course :)
 My favorite part of this trip? Besides everything? Our talks. the Best. 

What a weekend. I loved it. I love my Airman. I'm so proud of him and what he's accomplished. 
He is my Hero. 

Miss Mabel H.
P.S. I saved the best news for last. 
I am going to Mississippi after all to be with Jake. 
That just puts the cherry on top. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ima Ready

 This is me excitedly reading one of Jacob's letters. My favorite is when there are pages. Last week I got a 6 page letter! Fills my heart with joy.
I made a poster for Jacob's graduation next week. The funny thing is he is color blind... so he may not be able to see the different colors.... whoops. haha.

6 days left!!! I love that I can count that on my fingers!

I'm excited to surprise him with his new Seahawks shirt and with my new haircut. :)

I am "Extremely Proud" of my Airman!

Miss Mabel H.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I just have to wait until the end of this month to see Jake.

I can do this.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

Some sad news, Jake's tech school will be less than six months which means I can't move down to Mississippi with him :( :( :( The good news is we'll be able to call each other every day. And every now and then I'll fly down to be with him.

I do consider myself very blessed, despite my hubby being gone. I have awesome in-laws. I have fun things to do. This afternoon I went and did Zumba! Wow was that a work-out! Way fun.

I read a really good Ensign message this evening with my mom-in-law. "Living a Life of Peace, Joy, and Purpose." Richard G. Scott wrote it. It was a good reminder about having character. Living by eternal truths and not by circumstance. You should read it. One thing I want to be better at is reading the whole Ensign through, before the month ends. I am so uplifted by what is written.

I am super excited to see Jake. For the first time I see him, I'm planning on wearing a Seahawks shirt... You know, the one that has champion on it. :) I'm gonna get Jake one of these shirts too. It's going to be way awesome! You gotta admit, the Seahawks did incredible yesterday. :)

I got a letter from Jake today. That is the highlight of my whole week. Haha every letter I get, I read over and over again. I can't explain why, I just do. Here's an excerpt from this weeks letter:
"Mabs, if we go to another country, will you/do you want to learn the language w/ me?? I want others to look at us and say 'wow they made the most of their opportunites.'"
This just gets me excited for the life we're going to have. Who knows if we'll make it out of the country, but I just love Jake's enthusiasm to want to learn. I responded to him, that I would do my very best. :) 

I love you Jacob Aaron Hardwick!
Stay Safe and Be Strong.

Miss Mabel H.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Look how Adorable!

I found this cute card at this cute little shop called the Tea Room. It's a boutique/cafe, real good. Anyway, this is how I keep in contact with Jake, mostly through letter writing. A phone call once a week, I think he's going to call Sunday. 
I'm really enjoying the writing aspect of this adventure. Sadly I haven't received a letter yet, who knows why they haven't given him a chance to send anything, but me? I like giving Jake something to look forward to. I'm sure he will get into a rhythm soon where he can write more frequently and such... We'll see how it goes :) 
Just keep swimming! 

Miss Mabel H. 

I'm sending Jake this one to give him a laugh. Haha

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A happy memory. :)

Today is a special one to me. A year ago today my life was about to change. For the better :0) It is amazing to me what I have experienced. It's nice to reflect every year on what have been the good moments, and even bad ones (to learn and grow from). I do have to say though, the bad ones this year don't even show up in my mind. All I have is fondness for such an incredible year. I'm very grateful for the Lord in blessing me with this beautiful life I'm living.
Yep! Just last year on this day, Jacob proposed. January 1st, New Years Day! I love that!
Funny story, I remember on Christmas last year, Jake came over and we exchanged stockings. As I was going through each present in the stocking (all wrapped, haha I didn't do that for him... I'm used to stocking items not being wrapped...anyway beside the point...), I came across this one present which looked like it could have a ring in it. I'm anticipating this proposal to come so anything made me think: "He's proposing!" Haha. However, I thought it was strange that Jake wasn't really making any hints... well no wonder, because it wasn't a ring, it was a candle. HA! I felt so silly. And it just left my mind.
The actual proposal I was thrown off guard. Which for me is fun. :) Have I told you the story? I don't think I have!
Fun fact: Since Jake and I started dating, we have been together pretty much every single day.
So this day (January 1st) seemed just like another great day with Jake. A proposal was not on my mind. You'd think it would be because he took me to Olive Garden, and he told me he had a present for me. It threw me off though, because he said he had been looking all over for this gift.... didn't sound like a ring to me... for some reason. Haha.
It was a real sweet lunch. He told me he had never said "I love you" to anyone else. ("What?!") That made me swoon! Ha. We had a good talk about our time together, everything was going so well. He then asked if we could go to our favorite park for a bit. I almost thwarted his plan because I suggested we go to my house instead since it was really cold outside. He agreed and we made our way outside.
I must have been prompted or something because the next minute I told him we could go to the park for "just a little bit." ("YES!" was probably what Jake was thinking)
We get to the park. Snow all over the playground. Jake romantically picks me up and carries me to the swings.
He pulls out the gift that he looked all over for. It was a russian nesting doll. You know, the one that has a doll within a doll within a doll?
Jake had painted each layer with something that had to do with our relationship. He opened the dolls one by one explaining them.
Then! The last layer I finally got what was happening. Haha yeah I was really caught off guard! The last one had a ring on it, and Jake said "This is our future.." he opens it up and there! Is the Ring! 
He kneels down in the snow and says "Mabel Victoria, will you marry me?"
Ahhhhhhhh!!!! What an amazing moment. Nothing could top that! Well except the actual getting married, but you know!
And now here we are! It's been a wonderful year. I'm a very happy person!

We are now starting our adventure with being in the Air Force. Jake made it to basic on Monday. I'm waiting for a call from him, I believe tomorrow. I surely hope so. I am missing my dear hubby. I am truly grateful for my in-laws for letting me stay with them while Jake's away. All I need to do is stay busy and hopefully better myself. Stay close to the Lord and everything will be okay. :)
Well thanks for reading this awfully long post! It's been a long time since I've written. Feels nice.

 I love this sequence. First time Jake saw
me in my dress. :) (Thanks Liz for taking these!)

Miss Mabel H. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas Jammies :)

The whole gang :)

Jake and nephew

Jake and 2nd nephew

Nana and Papa w/ their grandbabies

My awesome gift from Jake :) Love it!

Santa was found
We loved playing with this little cutie :)
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Have a great New Year!

Miss Mabel H.

Friday, December 20, 2013

One of Jake's Favorites

The things Jake and I say to one another:
  • (this one is sung:) "I love Mabel. She loves me. We love each other and we both agree!" (names interchanged) 
  • "Dooooooooonnnnnnnnnn" (Kung Fu Panda when he gets tickled by the bad guy)
  • "Yoooouuuu Punker Face" 
  • "Dane it!"
  • "Let me do it"
  • "I Wub You" 
Yes we are nerdy, but we like it that way :)

Miss Mabel H.